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Stop Blaming The World For Your Woes

The answer to your woes never lies in changing “out there”.

You can always find it by looking “in here”.

I wonder how many times I walk away from a meeting with an executive under pressure thinking, “Wow, when will they stop and slow down for long enough to hear the answer inside?”

I listen to them blaming their current predicament on the markets, IT systems, regulation or even the press. And while they have been so busy thinking that the outside world has created all their woes, they haven’t stopped to notice how much suffering they have inflicted on themselves.

If their view of the outside world were true, then why is it only impacting them?

Ah yes, it is because they are different… unique, even.

I then get to meet their teams… the key people expected to overcome these evil outside foes. They are so overwhelmed by the business of the top tier that they no longer know which way is up and sadly many no longer care!  If that were not damning enough, the tragedy is that the solution will have presented itself many times but no one was quiet enough to see it!

Once individuals, and therefore business, understands how the system of the human mind works, then and only then can our intelligence really serve us.

When we feel overwhelmed by our woes we need to look to how our thinking is causing those woes far more than the markets, IT systems, regulation or even the press.

When we understand how we are all designed for success and stop believing that the world has created our current working experience, we can stop compromising the most powerful capability we have – thought.

Then we can create better experiences, and find creative and successful solutions to our “problems”.  We can get out of the way and enjoy the results!

If you would like to learn more about this understanding and how it can transform your business or team, just as it has for countless other businesses, please  contact me at sue.farmer

Sue Farmer,
Co-Founder, Miradorus

Introduction to Miradorus

What does leadership mean to you? And what makes someone a good leader? Ask these questions and you’ll get the usual response. Great leaders set a strategy, they motivate, they create a mission, they build a culture. These are all good answers but they don’t get to the crux of the issue. In order to create a coherent strategy a leader must first have a good understanding of his or her workforce – how they think, what drives them to succeed.

Why choose Miradorus?

At Miradorus we believe great leaders listen, quickly comprehend the needs of colleagues or customers and use this information to form a clear, deliverable strategy, which is constantly revisited and developed. We can help you to understand your team and, in turn, help them to understand their individual behaviours – the key to unlocking service and sustaining business excellence. As part of our tool kit, we use the Herrmann International’s Whole Brain® Thinking approach which focuses specifically on improving performance by expanding our individual thinking capabilities and leadership styles. Taking a step back and examining how you think in different situations is often very revealing. This may take you out of your comfort zone but it will give you a clearer idea of how you prefer to receive and process information and why you do things the way you do them. This in turn will help you to communicate more effectively with your team.

Example of what they do on the day

We don’t offer a quick fix, jump in and out service; instead our team of experts will tailor a training programme to your individual unique needs over a period of months. From the initial stakeholder interviews and ‘thinking’ surveys through to the delivery of tailored team workshops, we make sure that the training will deliver sustainable, long-term results. Initial fact-finding interviews will highlight key challenges and allow us to develop job-specific case studies. We measure our success by your success. This means that we constantly monitor/analyse the effectiveness of the training we deliver at every stage of the process. We’re not happy unless we have motivated you to engage with each and every member of your team. In turn we hope to give them the self-belief and confidence to do things differently in order to achieve their goals. Participants will have learned how to listen to customers and colleagues and understand what is important to them so they can deliver the cultural change to drive revenue growth and increase profitability.