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Whole Brain Thinking

Whole Brain® Thinking

The Whole BrainⓇ Thinking system enables you and your team to leverage your different thinking styles to achieve better results faster.

Whole Brain® Thinking

Introduction to Miradorus

We’ve all been drawn in by the promise of training that that will change the way we communicate both customers and colleagues. We’ve all sat through endless presentations, walked away with a useful pamphlet or two, only to file it with the rest of our ‘read when I have more time’ literature. We’re inspired by a new concept momentarily but ultimately what we’ve learned has little or no lasting impact on our behaviour or our business. In reality, without the real change we’re all searching for taken back to the organisation, our valuable time and resources are being wasted.

Why choose Miradorus?

At Miradorus, we believe in training that solves real workplace issues, using frameworks that you can immediately put into practice. Our preferred approach – the Whole Brain® Thinking system – put simply, allows you and your team to leverage different kinds of thinking to reach better results faster. Based on science and the brain it is not a conceptual theory, it’s a practical framework that can easily be applied to any business issue, allowing you to approach problems, communications and critical decisions more effectively while breaking out of self­limiting patterns that can interfere with productivity, efficiency and creativity. You are able to sell more, spend less, innovate faster, and develop and retain top talent. It all adds up to a significant competitive advantage.

Example of what they do on the day

Offering anything but a quick fix, we seek to offer personalised training packages with the added bonus of continuous measurement, development and assessment. We want to see lasting results and as a result, even when initial training sessions come to end, we offer ongoing support through:
  • Assessments – we use the HBDIⓇ tool
  • Tailored training programmes
  • Practitioner certification
  • Custom solutions, including consulting and implementation planning
  • Instructional tools and learning aids
We want you to “make it your own,” applying the Whole Brain® Thinking framework to your organisation’s performance management processes, leadership development models and culture change initiatives. We want you to see the model in practice in your everyday business functions such as meeting protocols, project management and communications standards.

*The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) is the assessment tool at the heart of Herrmann International’s Whole Brain® Thinking system. The 120-question HBDI® survey evaluates and describes the degree of preference individuals have for thinking in each of the four brain quadrants, as depicted by the Herrmann Whole Brain® Model. Originally developed by Ned Herrmann, then head of management education at General Electric –Crotonville, the HBDI® is a thoroughly researched instrument. More than two million people around the globe have completed the HBDI®, and it remains the instrument of choice at many of the world’s most admired organisations, including Barclays, IBM, Kraft, Microsoft and Procter & Gamble.

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Whole Brain® Thinking