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sales training

Sales Training

Great sales people listen and respond to the constantly evolving needs of their customers, and those critical skills can be learnt and refined with regular training.

Sales Training

Introduction to Miradorus

Not hitting your sales targets but you can’t quite put your finger on the problem? You might have great salespeople in place but a poorly thought through strategy. Or the right strategy hampered by an ineffective sales team. Whatever your problem, the simple answer is that any sales strategy must constantly evolve, adapting to the team responsible for its delivery and this only happens with regular training – even at a senior level. We can achieve results where other training firms have failed.

Why choose Miradorus?

At Miradorus, we want to help you to maximise sales potential and accelerate growth by closing the gap between existing and desired sales performance. We do this by helping you to get the best out of each member of your team; tailoring training at all levels, offering practical solutions to day-to-day problems, one-to-one coaching and ongoing development. Whatever your concern, our team of experts can help drive long-term, sustainable results, focused on your business through our range of targeted interventions.

Example of what they do on the day

Our needs-based approach aims to deliver consistently successful consultants and salespeople who are relied upon by their customers, both internal and external. We like to call them trusted advisors. These trusted advisors establish personal credibility and mutual value in any interaction by understanding their customers’ issues and needs. By using questioning and listening they can easily communicate the solution and agree logical steps to move forward. Through a series of highly interactive workshops we can give your team a deeper insight into the gaps in your current sales approach, allowing us to propose a solution to drive you towards sales excellence. The outcome? Your team is constantly looking for ways to improve through the delivery of proven techniques, aligning its strategy with performance targets.

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Sales Training

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