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Coaching is one person guiding another through a process with the ultimate goal of accelerating their performance, success and well being.


Introduction to Miradorus

Simply defined, coaching is one person guiding another through a process with the ultimate goal of some kind of performance enhancement. The level of coaching offered typically varies depending on the support needed to achieve a specific goal: helping an individual to improve their productivity or develop a skill they don't yet possess. In essence, the focus with any coaching is on future possibilities, learning from past experiences along the way – unlocking a person's potential and maximising their performance.

Why choose Miradorus?

At Miradorus we believe in a one-to-one, coaching and mentoring approach. Using the Whole Brain® Thinking method we aim to help individuals, teams and entire organisations break through to new levels of performance by expanding their thinking capabilities. Due to the pace of change in our workplaces today, we often find ourselves working outside our area of knowledge, comfort and influence. This can leave us feeling isolated from others. Spending time with a personal coach who can take a step back, highlight any roadblocks and move you towards action and desired results, is paramount to your continued success. Thinking is at the core of everything your company does. After being taught how to approach everyday challenges using their ‘whole brain’ your team will be able to approach problems, communicate and make critical decisions more effectively.

Example of what they do on the day

Our focus is always on sustainable improvement through a series of coaching sessions. Through this process we seek to enhance your team’s communication and listening skills, develop internal consulting and influencing skills and improve internal and external relationship management. The coaching expectations of each person will always vary so we make sure that each session is individually tailored to each team member’s needs. We see the opportunity to coach your team as a massive privilege so in that sense we seek to ‘earn the right’ with each person we work with, establishing chemistry, fit and credibility before we start to discuss objectives and expectations. Once the coaching programmes are complete, we continue to stay engaged in the process with regular review meetings, enabling us to ensure a return on your investment. By the time we’re finished your team should exhibit increased self awareness, possess a clear knowledge of how their approach impacts others and how and they should have an understanding of how to ‘stretch’ into working more effectively with their colleagues.

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