Project: HF pledge

HF pledge
The HF pledge campaign called on candidates in the 2019 European Parliament elections to pledge their support to improving the lives of people with heart failure.

What is the heart failure pledge?

In the run-up to the European Parliament elections in 2019, the Heart Failure Patient Council of the Global Heart Hub partnered with HFPN to call on all candidates to pledge their support to improving the lives of EU citizens with heart failure.

By signing the pledge, candidates and Members of the European Parliament committed to six priority actions:

  • Developing a formal strategy on HF ­– encouraging member states to create comprehensive national plans that address the growing burden of HF, and advocating for consultation with patients in the development of such plans.
  • Supporting timely and appropriate diagnosis of HF – advocating for increased access to specialist-led diagnosis and appropriate diagnostic tests, such as natriuretic peptide testing and echocardiogram.
  • Encouraging multidisciplinary care – supporting investment in gold-standard integrated and multidisciplinary HF management programmes that combine medical management with other supportive strategies.
  • Improving professional education on HF – advocating for training on HF among all healthcare professionals, including GPs, internists and allied health professionals, and supporting the recognition of the role of HF specialist nurses via accreditation of training programmes.
  • Supporting person-centred approaches in HF care – encouraging the development of national guidelines and care pathways that advocate a person-centred care approach, ensuring that decision-making is shared between healthcare professionals and people with HF across the entire care journey.
  • Developing robust and public national audits of performance – supporting investment in reliable HF data collection to ensure accountability on patient survival, quality of life and experience of care, and to guide improvements and incentives.
Visit the HF pledge website

What did the campaign involve?

The HF pledge campaign was launched with a dedicated website on 23 April 2019. It ran until polls closed in the European Election on 26 May 2019. The campaign was promoted on social media by the Global Heart Hub and HFPN.

During the course of the campaign, 97 candidates from 12 countries signed up to the heart failure pledge.

Project funding

The HF pledge campaign was developed by the Heart Failure Policy Network and funded by the Global Heart Hub. The heart failure pledge was developed as a consultative process together with selected members of the Heart Failure Patient Council of the Global Heart Hub. All members provided their time for free.