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HFPN presents Portuguese work at Portuguese Society of Cardiology event
24 January 2020

The HFPN presented recent work at the Annual Meeting of the Heart Failure Study Group of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology.

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Event explores iron deficiency in heart failure
26 November 2019

Members of the HFPN secretariat attended an event hosted by the World Heart Federation and the Global Coalition on Aging.

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Heart Failure Policy Network presents handbook at event in Lisbon
25 June 2019

The work of the HFPN was presented on 25 June 2019 at an event hosted by AADIC – the Portuguese Association of Support for Patients with Heart Failure.

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MEPs and Heart Failure Policy Network launch Written Declaration on heart failure
21 October 2016

20 MEPs initiated a Written Declaration on heart failure in the European Parliament.

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World Heart Day: experts demand urgent action on heart failure
25 May 2016

Representatives of the HFPN secretariat joined a panel for the World Heart Federation event at 69th World Health Assembly.

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