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Created by Jenny Powell on the January 23, 2018

Happy New Year! Those have been the first three words of all our communications with customers, colleagues and friends since the beginning of January. On significant occasions the first word we always use is “Happy”. Happy Birthday. Happy Anniversary. Happy Christmas. So how can we make 2018 the year of the Happy Customer? Good Service Should Be The Norm […]

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Created by Sue Farmer on the November 30, 2017

I’d like to share this brief extract from my second “Transforming Mind Matters” podcast with Social Media Angel Katie Brockhurst, where I shared a recent anecdote: “I had a bit of an interesting week. I was lucky in that I had the opportunity to observe a board meeting  in preparation for some development work I am […]

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Created by Jenny Powell on the October 17, 2017

Amazon V BA boxing match picture

How often do we come away from a customer service interaction and think “wow”? Unfortunately, not often; so low are our expectations that a company just meeting a service requirement can be a pleasant surprise. But when companies over-achieve – in terms of getting what you are looking for and being treated in a way […]

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Created by Sue Farmer on the September 13, 2017

Sue Launches New Podcast I recently spoke about “enoughness” (see below) on my brand new podcast with the fantastic Katie Brockhurst: Transforming Mind Matters. I’m delighted to say you can now listen to it via iTunes! Katie and I talk about  how we can finally realise that we are enough. Do You Have Enough “Enoughness”? As a business coach/performance […]

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Created by Sue Farmer on the July 12, 2017

The answer to your woes never lies in changing “out there”. You can always find it by looking “in here”. I wonder how many times I walk away from a meeting with an executive under pressure thinking, “Wow, when will they stop and slow down for long enough to hear the answer inside?” I listen […]

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